Friday, March 12, 2010





Monday, February 08, 2010


Sunday, February 07, 2010


Hi world! :)
busy busy busy just keeping blogspot updated.

Im far off busy somewhere else.




my role models.

Oh by the way did I tell you I'm changing my URL.
No idea if Im suppose to just change my URL

or make a new blog altogether and import all this there.

Whatever it is...

It's happening!!! -Soon!

Bye OP-E! :)

See you on the other side! ;)

Monday, February 01, 2010

@. mmmm

The really tired ,fatigued and worned out face
after work Last week !

I'm so inconsistent
You never know when to expect an update from me.

Therefore you come visit, get let down,
and never come again..

The next time you come.. you get let down again.

So after I have no idea how many days 5 days maybe or 6
I'm back .. helloo!


Super caught up with homework during last week,
*pulls hair*

Quite laid-back for now. :)

This year is no game!

Happy belated Thaipusam by the way!

And happy birthday Kong Zhen Heng ;)


Also congratulations to Beyonce for winning like what 6 Grammy's ! :O
and Taylor Swift for winning 4 Grammy awards.

My goodness I'm so envious right now!

Nevertheless time to do homework,



Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This definetely made my day.
Or maybe the start of my week a whole lot better ;)


is a powerful word.


p/s : Hope , for Haiti.

Friday, January 22, 2010

@.Marie Digby


P/S : Get well sooon Marie's grandmother!
Support The Generation Project .

Charity's a good cause ;)
DO play your part for you,this generation and the next.

Vote for TheGenerationProject here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Super blurry!

Hi world!
So as I was looking back at previous posts,
well mostly last year's.

I can see I've changed quite in a way.
Last year I was finding it very very difficult to fit in my classroom
So hard to get along with the people in my class (Most of them)
Since I barely knew any of them

I was alone in that class and none of my girls were in the same class as me.

This year evrything changed, I've already adapted to the surroundings
of my classroom and such. And it isn't so bad at all ;)

I could get used to this ;)


So last year 2009, I made a This-is-not-a-resolution --- resolution.
Hmmm some really worked eh!

This year 2010 , I also made a this-is-not-a-resolution---reso.
But only 3 things this year. Until I find anything to add it up again

Current :
1. Gain more weight
2. Stop cussing too much
3. Master a dialect

Previous :
(So here is what I achieved and what I did not)
((I stroke the one I had achieved!)

"Hello world !
In 2009 I would : (THIS IS NOT A RESOLUTION)
Try not to be in a relationship
Have as much of fun as possible
Study my ass off even harder (I really did okay , just not enough maybe.)
Try to eat some vegetables (Obviously, Failed)
Play Hard
Get involve in sports (Miserably Failed)
Have some new friends
Name my tortoise ( Doreamon!)
Be more polite
Be abit nicer to the parents (I did lah, I think)
Save more money (MORE THAN YOU KNOW)
WORK during holidays
Be a good girl
Stay out of troubleeee
HAVE the best sweet sixteen.Ever"

So hows that?? Pretty productive year Don't you think ? 2009 was awesome ;)
2010 will be better I know it (L)

I hope everyone had fun in 2009, because 2010 will be a greater one for us all!
and I love you, girlfriends, family and friends ;)
I'm so grateful and thankful.... gosh!!

Thanks for everything.